Unleash NFTs

-Want to keep track of your favourite collections on NFT?

-Need a real-time NFT portfolio tracker/analytics dashboard

-Need a comprehensive value of your NFT collections & holdings?

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Explore NFTs with our Unleash NFTs

-The real-time portfolio tracker/analytical dashboard for NFTs.

-Track your favourite collections on NFT anytime, anywhere.

-Improve your understanding of the value of your NFT holdings.

What is the problem with the current NFTs?
When a number of collections are distributed across different marketplaces and blockchains, it becomes difficult to track historical activity. As a result, managing/portraying the collections/portfolio effectively is crucial.
How can bitsCrunch help you with Unleash NFTs?
By visualizing the detailed breakdown of NFT collections, we have built a solution to this problem. The ability to track wallet collections and sales across multiple marketplaces on all blockchains. With each NFT tracked, wallet owners are able to better understand their collections and be able to assess their collectibles net worth.

What KPIs make us unique?

Blockchain-based real-time analytics of the different NFT collections
Trends in wash trade
Most Wash traded NFT / Most wash traded collection
Primary and secondary sales of each collection and asset
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Our association with Covalent, Rarible, and Polygon is testimony to the trust you can place in our products to meet your NFT analytics and security needs.
Reduce wash trading by
200% in 2 months
“The platform is intuitive and has been well designed for the consumption of our NFTs in the most genuine form.”
Wherever you are in the NFT ecosystem, you're just a click away from securing and valuing your assets, and getting smart data insights.
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