What makes a NFT Marketplace great ?

The key is to build an AI system that generates additional trust by flagging forgeries, copy cats and boot leg content.

Problems with the existing Marketplace.

Trust is a primary barrier to adoption for the NFT marketplace ecosystem. Forgeries and copycats are rampant, and create legal liability for marketplaces.

In order to increase adoption and pave the way for higher level applications of NFT technologies, we must increase the amount of trust commanded by NFT marketplaces.

Verified creator whitelisting or badges are helpful, but not a complete solution for bolstering trust.

Image Forgery Detection System

Taking an input dataset of images, computing the hashes, and storing them in a data structure to facilitate fast, efficient search.

Accepting an input query image from the user, computing the hash, and finding all near-identical images in our indexed dataset.

The built system is Invariant to :
+ Rotation
+ Scaling
+ Copy-Paste
+ Copy-Move

Our System is robust to scaling and rotation

Our system is capable of identifying and locating the key points in the queried image, irrespective of rotation and scaling of the original image.

Robust to Brightness, contrast and color changes

Our system is capable of identifying the duplicates and near-duplicates that have been modified with brightness and contrast color changes.

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N_Safety Forgery Detection

NFTs are promising and present many new use cases, value adds and enhanced functionality for a plethora of different industries; from games and decentralized finance to art marketplaces and blockchain education.

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