Top 7 NFT Marketplaces To Explore In 2022

Are you thinking of becoming a part of the NFT revolution? Indeed, one way to get started is by exploring NFT marketplaces. NFT platforms are your way of buying and selling digital collectibles ranging from artwork to original scores, and music master files to entire lands. Currently, the NFT ecosystem is thriving with marketplaces, many of which focus on a specific topic or specialization.

Below we have mentioned some fundamental properties you should look out for in an NFT marketplace. Also, we have presented below the top NFT marketplaces available in the ecosystem. Read along to find out.

Things To Consider In Top NFT Marketplaces

Here are some of the most crucial things to consider while choosing a marketplace to purchase or sell your digital collectibles.

  • Marketplace Transparency

When attempting to buy NFTs from an online marketplace, having the relevant information on hand is crucial as it will help you make the best decisions. The topmost NFT marketplaces should provide detailed information about the NFT collections available on its platform. You must see the number of NFTs being offered, the price of each NFT, and advanced information such as the number of bids, owner, history of the pieces, and more.

  • Marketplace Security

Another critical feature to look out for in top NFT marketplaces is the high levels of security required to keep your products safe wherever you store them. Marketplaces should use advanced encryption like identity verification to protect user privacy and prevent fraud.

  • Marketplace Gas Fees

Since minting NFTs in the Ethereum blockchain come with a hefty gas fee, you should only choose marketplaces that offer a variety in minting by supporting multiple blockchain platforms.

Now that you know the fundamental components for choosing the top NFT marketplace, let’s look at some of them.

Top 7 NFT Marketplaces To Explore

Choosing the right NFT marketplace can hugely impact your NFT buying and selling choices. Therefore, you should think about which NFT marketplaces are suitable for the type of NFT you create and what blockchain it uses. Most of the top NFT marketplaces use Ethereum, although some prefer newer blockchains with lower gas prices and a lower carbon footprint.

All these best NFT marketplaces can help you achieve your goals, from finding rare crypto collectibles to trading them. We have selected and reviewed the top seven NFT marketplaces in this article so you can choose the best one for you.


Blockchain Ethereum
Year Founded 2017
Native Token

OpenSea is like the Amazon of NFT exchanges since it is the most well-known and popular marketplace out there. It is one of the most diverse NFT marketplaces globally and has a wide range of NFT collections from art, music, photography, and sports collectibles.

Although it’s built on Ethereum, OpenSea supports other blockchain like Polygon and Klaytyn as well. The platform is well-equipped to accept a wide range of cryptocurrencies as payment. Presently it supports nearly 150 cryptocurrencies. OpenSea is easy to use, and you can get started minting, selling, and browsing NFTs within minutes after creating an account.


Blockchain Ethereum (supports Tezos and Flow)
Year Founded 2020
Native Token $RARI

Like OpenSea, Rarible is also one of the top marketplaces for all types of NFTs. The platform allows you to buy, sell, or mint all kinds of artwork, including trending videos, memes, and even tweets. Unlike OpenSea, however, you must trade on the marketplace using the platform native token $RARI.

Rarible is an Ethereum-based NFT platform. Since the Ethereum network powers it, some NFT collections can also be administered on the OpenSea platform using Rarible tokens. Some well-known companies, including Taco Bell and Adobe, have developed a strategic collaboration with Rarible to protect the NFT ecosystem.


Blockchain Ethereum
Year Founded 2018
Token $RARE

The one-of-a-kind digital artwork catalog is a big part of the SuperRare’s NFT marketplace. Every work of art on the web is created by an artist and then encrypted as a digital collectible that you can own and share.

At SuperRare, each artwork is a digital collection, a digital object encrypted and monitored on a blockchain ledger. SuperRare platform has developed a robust social network at the forefront of the NFT industry. Digital collections adapt well to the social environment as they have a clear ownership history. Ether, the native coin of the Atrium network, is used for all transactions.


Blockchain Ethereum
Year Founded 2018
Native Token

Mintable is a powerful platform for minting your own NFTs and an excellent marketplace to buy them. Mintable aims to create limited edition digital assets(NFTs) that are easy and accessible for everyone, allowing artists to become businesses or even collectors of rare NFTs to keep or sell.

Users can bring their ideas to life without needing any technical experience by using Mintable as a marketplace. As you begin creating your own NFTs, browsing art, music, film, collectibles, sports, and other collections available on the site for a fee makes it easier to choose the right NFT to buy.

Mintable’s superior trading volume and selling features can help you maximize the value of your NFTs. As a result, trading cards are becoming increasingly popular.

Nifty Gateway

Blockchain Ethereum
Year Founded 2018
Native Token

Beeple and singer/musician Grimes are among the most notable NFT creators who have been able to sell their songs through Nifty Gateway. It is the creation of the Gemini crypto platform that facilitates cryptocurrency trading. The NFTs available on the Nifty Gateway is based on Ethereum and are often referred to as Nifties,

Nifty Gateway NFT platform stores all acquired NFTs, meaning that the NFTs are not stored directly in your wallet but by the platform itself. Such a situation may not be ideal for NFT collectors and sellers as they seek more convenient means of exchange. As users seek more flexibility associated with their investments, the platform has allowed users to make purchases in fiat currency.

NBA Top Shot

Blockchain FLOW
Year Founded 2021
Native Token

The NBA Top Shot NFT Marketplace marks the beginning of a new era for sports fans. It’s not just about showcasing your favorite teams and stars; You can now, for the first time, own some of the NBA’s most memorable moments captivated by an NFT. The NBA creates something extraordinary that people worldwide repeatedly see.

The NBA Top Shot NFT marketplace is your chance to own that moment for the rest of your life. The platform is a great place to get rare and unique NBA NFTs as the NBA makes them officially licensed and in limited quantities. These NFTs allow you to expand your collection by purchasing in-demand packs when they go on sale and relive some of the most exciting moments in NBA history.


Blockchain Ethereum
Year Founded 2022
Native Token LOOKS

The LooksRare platform debuted on January 11, 2022, touts itself as a platform “by NFT people and for NFT people.” It only took a few weeks for LooksRare to gain traction. In fact, during its first month of operation, LooksRares’ trading volume eclipsed OpenSeas on many occasions.

LooksRare is an innovative NFT marketplace that allows users to browse collections, buy their favorites, and create bespoke groupings. With the recent increase in demand for NFTs, introducing this marketplace has been more popular than ever. Users like LooksRare for its minimal transaction fees and community-first values.

When it comes to NFT marketplaces, there is no such thing as the “best” because everything depends on your needs and tastes. The first step is to understand your niche and position as an artist or collector. Once properly understood, look at the NFT marketplaces above to identify the most profitable marketplaces that will benefit you now and in the future.

NFT marketplaces can be a great place to start if you’re looking to invest in virtual assets, rare collections, or art, as marketplaces offer many options. Also, remember that the NFT industry is highly speculative and relatively new. There is a great possibility that the value of some NFTs will surge emphatically. Similarly, the value of some NFTs may nose-dive as there is no certainty. NFTs and digital assets have a highly subjective and variable value. To safeguard your investments and NFT collections, you can leverage the revolutionary tools of the bitsCrunch platform. 

BitsCrunch is an AI-driven analytical firm that provides you with the most accurate data on NFT marketplaces and NFT collections. Suppose you want to monitor your favourite NFT collections and need a real-time NFT portfolio tracker that provides real-time updates, head over to UnleashNFTs. It provides a comprehensive value of NFT collections and holdings to ensure your portfolio and investments are best aligned for profit-making. Check out other blogs and stay tuned on social media handles for more information and important updates.


Frequently Asked Questions

NFTs are Non-Fungible Tokens, and in layman terms, representing digital art or collection, video clips of best moments in the sports and entertainment field, gaming skins and collectibles, stored in a distributed ledger powered by blockchain technology. These are unique items and are not interchangeable with another NFT.

Generally, things are valuable when they are scarce. There is only one Mona Lisa. There are only 59 Le Bron James dunking NBA Top Shots (one of which sold for $US387,000).

The primary difference between the two is that unlike cryptocurrency and digital currency, NFTs cannot be traded for each other as they are unique. representations of real-world assets. Cryptocurrencies and digital currencies can be traded for each other as there will be no loss to their value.

An NFT is a unique digital signature that you can attach to an asset. Whether that’s a song, or an image, or a piece of footage, a unique digital signature is like a fingerprint that contains information like who created the asset, when, and any conditions on its future sale (for example, whether or not the creator gets a percentage of when it is on-sold).

BCUT is the native digital utility token, it provides access to bitsCrunch services and the bitsCrunch network.

BCUT is the native digital utility token, it provides access to bitsCrunch services and the bitsCrunch network. It is designed to play a vital role in the functioning of the bitsCrunch ecosystem and is intended to be solely used as the primary utility token on the network.

We are a Cross-functional team with more than 25+ years of experience in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. We already have all the NFT data since its inception. We blend our AI expertise with the Blockchain to bolster the NFT ecosystem.

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