Enjoyable Earnings — Top NFT Games in 2022 to Play and Earn

An Engaging Way to Earn:

Did you know that Henry Cavill, the Hollywood star known for playing Superman almost missed landing the role because he was too busy gaming to answer his phone! The versatile actor also plays the lead role in Netflix’s The Witcher which is once again based on a video game. Cavill joins an increasing base of celebrities and public figures who swear by the value of video games as a form of entertainment, proudly declaring their favorite games to their fans.

However, the value of video games as a way to earn money has largely been ignored up until now. Gaming has been seen as a hobby that makes you spend money instead of earning it, unless you play in high-stakes professional tournaments in which you have to compete against the best of the best for big bucks.

With the advent of the next generation of gaming consoles in late 2020, video games are poised on the brink of an evolution in terms of their design, systems as well as their creative concepts. However, another subtle way in which video games are evolving is in the earning potential that they provide through blockchain technology. It is being used to monetize in-game collectibles as NFTs, providing players with the means to make a profit from the time and effort they sink into video games. It is important for such individuals to secure such collectibles and protect them from fraud, theft or duplication.

Entire Worlds to Explore:

The modern video game is an amalgamation of multiple systems including but not limited to its main narrative, the simulated environment created as well as the many systems that make it engaging for a player.. Games like Horizon: Zero Dawn, The Witcher 3: The Wild HuntDark Souls and so many others create interesting concepts and environments that are full of rewarding activities and collectibles for players to explore with their character. The main aspect of such products is that the characters that players create and customize, items that they find in the game, as well as other gear and weapons that are rare can all be considered as digital assets when the time and effort that players invest into video games is concerned.

Enter the pay to earn model that modern NFT video games are introducing into the equation. NFT gaming has set a new dimension to modern gaming: the ability to earn money by the trading of digital assets that are “minted” by players through playing the game. This is advantageous on two fronts: it offers developers an added layer of engagement to work with in their attempt to retain their player bases and attract new ones. It is also a benefit to gamers, who are now able to earn money from the time that they invest in playing video games.

Combining trading and entertainment allows players to earn while they play which is a fascinating evolution for the gaming industry which currently offers only competitive opportunities to earn while playing through tournaments.

Top NFT Games in 2022:

Axie Infinity

If you have ever heard of Pokemon Go, this game should not be too unfamiliar too. It involves locating, battling and eventually collecting digital pets that act as tradable NFTs for players, allowing them an opportunity to trade their collectibles with others, or to obtain a rare pet that may need too much time and effort to mint it through normal gameplay. Axie Infinity is thus a trading game at heart, with the innovation of allowing players to actually trade their characters and perhaps speed up their progress in the game. It is a clever way of monetizing an existing concept, and one that can truly showcase the utility of NFT video games as a lucrative trading option in the digital space.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained combines trading and strategy elements into a single game, in which players collect trading cards and engage each other in strategic battles in order to win more cards to their collection by earning experience and currency which can be spent on in-game rewards. These cards act as NFTs that players can trade on blockchain platforms.

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a metaverse game that simulates a real-world in which players are exposed to a fluctuating economy and society, and a complex in-game economy that encourages cooperative play between players. This makes Alien Worlds a layered, dynamically evolving game in which players can monetize the time that they spend in the game while also enjoying a gameplay loop that is satisfying and engaging.

Crypto Snake

With a similar gameplay loop to the classic Snake game, with the entire stage being the actual blockchain with the food that the snake eats being currency that players could use on the platform. The more a player manages to score, the more currency they earn. This is a more simple application of the earn to play model and its implementation is practical for the platform as well as for the players.

Battle Racer

Battle Racers carries the concept of arcade racing games like Super Mario Cart, with players collecting cards, power ups and weapons that all act as tradable NFTs. By creating a gameplay loop that is heavily reliant on the assets that are tradable, Battle Racers promotes a more community oriented NFT game that can encourage the formation of communities around the game similar to other popular titles that are not blockchain based.

Neon District

Similar to popular RPGs. Neon District involves collecting character, skills and gear that players can use in team-based battles against other players for more rewards. All collectibles in the game are tradable as NFTs, making this a potentially lucrative way to spend your spare time!


Similar to Axie Infinity and the hidden collectible game in an earlier version of Android, CryptoKitties involves collecting and breeding a variety of digital cats that can be traded among players as NFTs.

Final thoughts:

NFT gaming is a fascinating new extension of the evolving gaming landscape and its integration with a flourishing cryptocurrency sector. It allows those who play games to have a more financially rewarding experience in addition to the engagement that they already enjoy with video game products.

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