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Since travel restrictions were imposed worldwide until the second half of 2021, events all over the world were taking place virtually. With the start of 2022, the entire blockchain community gathered in Dubai, Spain, and Paris for the largest NFT events yet.

 Read more to find out the inside story from bitsCrunch on these most exciting and happening events so far in 2022.

WoW Summit, Dubai, March 2022: 

The World of Web3 Summit took place from March 13 to March 16, 2022. This was the GCC region’s largest Web3 Tech event. Senior decision-makers gathered at this event to discuss the influence of blockchain and related technologies on the financial services industry.

As one of the event’s Silver sponsors, bitsCrunch came away with a more positive attitude towards the industry. Meeting people from the community from all over the world was an incredible experience, and the majority of them were astounded by the things we were offering back to the community. Our offerings amazed crypto token holders, who expressed interest in integrating our NFT Forensics into their platforms.

Wow Summit - Blog

The event served as a platform for drawing investors to the booth, who showed an interest in being a part of bitsCrunch’s future growth. It didn’t end there; some of the prominent crypto-exchanges have expressed interest in listing bitsCrunch tokens on their platforms.

Even though many people have been in the Crypto industry for a long time, they were unfamiliar with terminology like wash trading. This demonstrated the critical importance of educating the users, our crucial next step in the roadmap.

AVAX Summit, Barcelona, March 2022:

From March 22 to 27, 2022, Avalanche, the blockchain industry’s fastest smart contracts platform in terms of time-to-finality, had its first summit in Barcelona, Spain. The Avalanche summit featured fantastic speakers, lively debates, and a large Web3 audience.

Here’s a quick rundown of the most important takeaways from the event. AVAX, like most blockchains, has an extensive global user base. On the Avalanche platform, DeFi is still the most prevalent category. Blockchain gaming is gaining traction, but there is a long way to travel before it becomes a major contributor. Avalanche appreciates the subnets’ scalability since they offer a tremendous level of scalability without requiring the use of layer 2. 

Despite the widespread use of NFTs, only a few blockchains and marketplaces support trading with AVAX-based NFTS. Derivative trading, for example, is an excellent fit for NFT as a financial asset for DeFi. With so many options for wallet portfolio apps/dapps, it’s challenging for AVAX to stay ahead of the competition. Especially when things seem the same, and people have trouble deciding.

AVAX Summit photo

The Avalanche Summit was an event to remember for a long time, thanks to a beautiful historic venue, a good attendance, and an incredible crypto community.

Paris Blockchain Week Summit, April, 2022:

Over 3,000 people attended the Paris Blockchain Week Summit, which took place on April 13th & 14th, 2022, with 70 sponsors, 250 speakers, and 100 media partners. The first international blockchain conference, the Paris Blockchain Week Summit, brought together the industry’s most significant figures in Paris. It sure was a fantastic event for various forces in the blockchain sector to communicate, network, and share projects, protocols, and new ideas.

Paris NFT Day

In terms of bitsCrunch’s efforts, we were able to become silver sponsors for the major NFT conference in Paris. The meeting with Binance, one of the largest crypto-exchanges in the market, was the highlight of the NFT conference.

We had the opportunity to talk about evolving industry trends with one of our investors, Coinbase Ventures, at the NFT conference. Future cooperative initiatives with Metamask Institution were also considered. The cherry on top for bitsCrunch came when Vijay Pravin of bitsCrunch spoke at the NFT conference on “Securing NFTs using Artificial Intelligence.”

Stay tuned with us for updated industry-related information as more events in the Blockchain industry occur throughout the year!

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