The Top Eight NFT Events You Should Look Out For In 2022

The Big Boom:

Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs have occupied a significant part of any conversations surrounding cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. They have generated a number of innovative use cases, with further improvements already on the horizon!

The best minds of the blockchain industry are focused on optimising the user experience as well as the technology, looking to make it a permanent part of our digital lives. Here are some of the main events geared towards NFTs that have already happened – and are yet to take place – in 2022!

NFT Hack 2022:

Considering that wash trading and asset counterfeiting are issues that have marred the experience in many ways, this NFT event was hosted by ETHGlobal in January 2022. The event saw people from all walks of life come together to work in teams with experts from the industry and also its brightest minds! 

An important goal of the event was to generate engagement with NFTs and to develop projects to address vulnerabilities that are currently known. To ensure a safer, more seamless experience in the future for everyone!

Money 2.0:

Venue: Las Vegas, USA

Event date: 11 – 13 April, 2022

An event that brings together CFOs, insurance advisors, fintech entrepreneurs, bankers, and economists is undoubtedly a significant one for anybody looking to explore blockchain technology, NFTs, and their role in modern investments and finance. 

Seeking to explore the best investment strategies for the revival of global economies in the wake of the pandemic, this event completed its first leg at Dubai Festival City in early March, with a subsequent event on the cards at Las Vegas. 

#Avalanche Summit:

Venue: Barcelona, Spain (virtual access available)

Event Date: 22- 27 March, 2022

This event is aimed at bringing together creators as well as researchers who use the Avalanche platform for a Summit, while a Hackathon is also part of the event, with a host of interesting activities. 

Designed to promote community participation and improve standards within the blockchain industry, it is sure to add something new to the knowledge of its participants. What’s more, you can catch the livestream of this event if getting to Barcelona, Spain, isn’t possible for you!


Venue: The Mirage, LA

Event Dates: 28 – 31 March, 2022

With a slogan like “Curiosity, Connection, and Co-Creation,” the #NFTLA event promises an “integrated conference experience” that blends the real world and the metaverse in unique, interesting ways. 

The event is aimed at showcasing the utility and intersectionality of NFTs and blockchain with real-world experiences, framed through the lens of the city of angels, as LA is commonly called. If you are looking to learn more about how NFTs and web3 can help promote the arts and creative spaces, the event is sure to be of real value!

WOW Summit:

Venue: Dubai, UAE

Event Dates: 13 March, 2022

The World of Web3 Summit aimed to gather major stakeholders from the NFT, blockchain, and DeFi spaces for a discussion on the impact of these technologies on financial services. There is also scope for discussions on potential regulatory standards that may arise in the near future. The event also featured an NFT Expo with a lot of exciting NFTs and collectibles being showcased. 

The Non-Fungible Conference:

Venue: Lisbon, Portugal

Event Dates: 4 – 5 April, 2022

As the name may suggest, this NFT-focused event at Lisbon, Portugal, is slated to bring in artists, projects, platforms, and collectors under one roof for a two day event centred around the utility and scope of NFTs in this space. 

With over 150 artists and speakers slated to provide valuable insights into NFTs, the event is sure to be on  the calendar of any NFT enthusiast!


Venue: New York, USA

Event Dates: 20 – 23 June, 2022

Slated to be the leading annual NFT event, NFT.NYC takes the concept of community even further by allowing participants to submit their ideas for unique workshops, panels, and even afterparties for its 4-day duration. 

The event aims to bring together NFT enthusiasts, project owners, creators, and collectors to facilitate engagement, adoption, and a whole lot of fun with a Times Square kickoff and a host of NFT related events!

San Diego NFT Convention:

Venue: San Diego, USA (virtual attendance available)

Event Dates: 9 – 10 April, 2022

Advertised as “the world’s most inclusive” NFT event, this conference is a great networking opportunity for both newcomers to the NFT space and enthusiasts alike. You could look forward to multiple panels and discussions with industry leaders, learn about the future of NFTs, pitch your own projects and connect with other enthusiasts as well!

This 2-day can be attended in-person or virtually with the added benefit of a token that gets you a 50% discount for the next year as long as you can HODL it!

Building Bridges:

While NFTs may be virtual, their impact on the real world is certainly tangible. The best and brightest of the industry are scheduled to meet all year around and there are a host of different events all over the world that showcase their value and utility. 

While you consider dipping your toes in this vast space that is so full of potential, it would be wise to make sure that every decision you take is backed up by a lot of information, which is part of the intention behind most NFT events!

For instance, the UnleashNFT platform from Munich-based bitsCrunch works as an analytical platform that can help you identify potential malpractices and also provide insights as to the value of an NFT through an analysis of transaction histories across NFT platforms!

It is a bright year, and a promising bright future for NFTs. It’s time to step into the future of digital trading. With all of these events (and more!) to look forward to, that next step does not seem too far away!

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