Comic Book Giant ‘Marvel’ tastes new success through the NFT market

The Disney owned marvel house was not very keen on the NFT market space when it blew up the blockchain world, but things may have changed. In August earlier this year, Marvel took to the media to announce that they were stepping into the NFT marketspace introducing “your friendly neighbourhood spiderman” as their first collector’s pack for the digital market.

Ever since the inception of the cinematic universe, the marvel IPs have exploded in popularity and have become one of the most significant pop-culture phenomenons of the 20s. The franchise is now the highest-grossing with an estimated net worth of close to $4.5B

In the point of them celebrating marvel month, the success of the Spider-Man, the Captain America stash would have made them realise the sheer volume of the market.

Fanboys and girls are no longer shying away from shelling out some big bucks for anything concerned with the avengers and the franchise. Imagine owning an exclusive Marvel digital art that is not available to the rest of the population. A desktop wallpaper of such calibre is quite the fan statement.

Comic Book Giant ‘Marvel’

Marvel would be eyeing a new line of profit with everything that has been going on in the NFT space. The market hitting a record high of 10$B in the year and Beeple’s artwork selling for $69Mn might have been enough of a sale for the executives to jump into the hype train.

Let us not forget that the studio enjoys a worldwide fandom. They were one of the few production houses that managed to churn a profit during the pandemic. Theatres, OTT platforms and many more, the comic book giant just keep finding the right way to do it. Would their entry into the market take the NFT market space to a new high? After all, they do have the highest-grossing movie of all time!

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