Into the Future with the Ever-Evolving Interactive NFTs 


No wonder why Sheldon Cooper was behind comic books and card collections. Wait, what? There are several Coopers around the world who are obsessed with comic card collections that are becoming NFTs today. While all of us are familiar with NFTs, what’s an interactive NFT? Are there different types of NFTs? With these questions clouding you right after reading the title, here’s a brief that can help you understand interactive NFT arts in depth. 

What is an Interactive NFT?

An interactive NFT can be a crypto token or a modifiable single layer NFT where the owner literally interacts with the NFT. Can anyone interact with an NFT? Remember this dressing-up game where your favorite characters are dressed up in different skins and accessorised? Similar to this, you can purchase an NFT and change its attributes and features. 

How are these interactive NFTs originated?

We know NFTs are digital art forms like memes, images, gifs, clipart, video clips, sound files, painting, etc. Interactive NFTs can be any of these. Based on their application mode, they are classified as Basic and Gaming Interactive NFTs. 

Basic Interactive NFTs: 

Under this category, the basic features of the NFT will change whenever a transaction is made by a user in regards to the NFT. 

For your imagination, this can be a cat whose color can be changed based on the owner’s preferences. 

There’s an interesting real-world interactive NFT – CryptOrchids. 


A brief about CryptOrchids – An Interactive 3D NFT:

CryptOrchids is an Ethereum based straightforward game. The idea behind the game is to water the flower for 7 days from the time of germination. The seeds can be purchased, and you can germinate them once you are ready to grow; that’s where the game begins. There will be a watering window for 3 hours every day, so you will water the plant exactly for 3 hours from the time you’ve germinated the seeds. 

After 4 weeks, the water window will be disabled. Conditions like overwatering or watering before the specified timing can kill the CryptOrchid. The logic behind watering shall be specified in the smart contract. The game ends if the CryptOrchid is killed. A fully-grown Flowering CryptOrchid can be sold on OpenSea. When sold, the owner gets to change the watering logic and conditions in the smart contract. 

Whimsical, isn’t it? Read more about CryptOrchids and other Interactive 3D NFT associated with this project here.  

Let’s move to the next category of Interactive NFTs. 


Gaming NFTs: 

Character customization is not alien to us by now, as we are familiar with the current gaming trends and NFTs associated with it. High-level characters can be minted on popular platforms and showcased as NFTs of potentially high value. Creating such characters or collecting rare items in blockchain-based games takes time and effort, and NFTs are a way for gamers to profit from this.

Let’s imagine the Elden Ring, for instance. This game, released by From Software in collaboration with George RR Martin is a difficult RPG that most players may not engage with. However, the genre has a lot of traction, and gaming enthusiasts would be willing to pay a significant amount for NFTs minted from the game, considering its popularity. 

Apart from this, companies can also use NFTs to promote their games and services through exclusive items and in-game rewards for ownership of NFTs. 


What about the smart contract with Gaming NFTs? This must be your next question. 

In any gaming project, you are allowed to advance to the next level, and the character you’ve designed or purchased will also undergo an upgrade as you level up. At this condition, the smart contract shall have the data about the NFT at the new level. When a buyer purchases the NFT, he can also interact with the NFT attributes as he reaches further levels in the gaming project. 

Other forms of Interactive NFTs include NFT Tickets in Event Management where the ownership from one person can be transferred to the other. The meta data on the smart contract is based on the seller as he/she decides on who can own the ticket and its limitations. Read more about how interactive NFT tickets can permute the event management industry. 

NFTs in Real Estate where buying and selling of the property gets involved, NFTs in Music are also some of the Interactive NFT applications in trend. 

We know you must be curious to know who has implemented these applications. 


Some of the live Examples of Interactive NFTs include… examples-interactive-nft

1. NFTs by Cybertino Lab:

Acclaimed as the world’s first interactive NFTs, Cybertino is trying to solve problems around influencers and fans which is quite common with existing Web2 space. The brand focuses at: 

  • Embolding artists to create NFTs along with the influencers they follow. 
  • Upgrading the created NFT with a new layer to receive voice and text messages from the influencer. 
  • Sharing the revenue between the influencers and creators and rewarding the creators / fans for their efforts. 

With a funding of 10 Million USD, Cybertino Lab is marching towards being the world’s first community based NFT platform. 


2. Betty’s Notebook:

Betty’s Notebook is an epitome of a coalesce that brings art and programming together. Recognized as the first programmable music ever on the blockchain technology, Betty’s Notebook is a 21 minute interactive NFT that allows owners to switch control and alter the music’s tone according to the listeners. 

The Interactive NFT collection was launched by Verdigris Ensemble to honor the vintage music. The initiative has set the footprint to other celebrated musicians across the world to step into blockchain and NFTs for their music to live beyond eternity. 


3. Crypto Kitties:

The collectors of CryptoKitties are given the opportunity to be a part of the NFT project, how? Two Crypto Kitties were bred to create a new cat. This is a typical example of gamification and interactivity with the NFT among the collectors. It was CryptoKitties that pioneered the culture of collectors and creators interacting with the NFTs. 

The above applications and innovations have proved that Interactive NFT arts are beyond fad and would evolve further. What’s in the future for these NFTs? 


Scope of Interactive NFTs in Metaverse & DeFi:

  1. Metaverses like Sandbox and Decentraland already have tons of players who are trading interactive Gaming NFTs / 3D NFTs. The idea promotes inclusivity among the gaming community. With the number of gamers increasing everyday, the gaming company will be left with a challenge to thinkout of the box to keep the players gamified. 
  2. Facebook’s Metaverse announcement has also paved the way for a myriad of Interactive NFT applications. Just like how millions of people around the world hold land and space in metaverses and rent it out for NFT displays, Facebook is also expected to have similar features in its own way. Users are likely to make use of the medium in a much better collaborative manner a level above the existing Social Media usage. 
  3. Interactive NFTs can also be used as a loan collateral in the DeFi where the worth of it is gauged by factors like history, ownership, scope and collection. 


Securing NFTs:

If you are an artist and Metaverse is going to be your next destination, then you should also be knowing how to secure your NFTs. 

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