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bitsCrunch blazons its partnership with Safle. As a blockchain analytics company, bitsCrunch is currently offering NFT Securing Services to NFTs that are associated with marketplaces built on Ethereum and Polygon Blockchains. Through this collaboration, bitsCrunch is likely to expand the scope to cater to multichain functionalities akin to Safle. 

Safle enables users to connect their wallets to buy and sell NFTs and Cryptos across blockchains – Ethereum and Polygon to mention. Safle is also blockchain independent therefore the services can be catered to wallets across multiple blockchains. 

The synergy aims at allowing Safle users to cruise through multiple blockchains for their NFT trade based on the intelligence provided by bitsCrunch. 

The partnership also envisions: 

  • Integrating bitsCrunch’s Services with Safle for its users to have a safer ecosystem
  • Making NFTs analytics and insights available for Safle Wallet Users through Unleash NFTs to make better decisions with NFT Trade. 

About bitsCrunch:

bitsCrunch is a blockchain analytics company that aligns with building tools to safeguard the NFT community. Our nifty tools – Crunch Da Vinci, Scour, and Liquify help identify counterfeit NFTs, washtrading patterns of NFTs in marketplaces, and cognizing fair price value of NFTs, respectively. 

With these NFT Securing Services, artists can ensure their NFT assets are safe. The tools can be deployed with any NFT Marketplace to monitor NFT security threats. 

Apart from bolstering the authenticity of NFTs in the marketplaces, bitsCrunch also provides updates on NFT Trends through Unleash NFTs.

About Safle: 

Safle is a blockchain company that is inclined to build a decentralised wallet identity for users to seamlessly experience dApps, DeFi and NFTs. Keeping privacy and security at the core, Safle helps users manage their private keys prudently through this wallet identity. 

The company boasts of an array of products: 

SafleID – A Non-Custodial Wallet

SafleVault – A Private Key Management Infrastructure

SafleKeyless – A Key to access dApps

SafleNode – A dedicated deployment infrastructure

SafleSwaps – An inbuilt decentralised and cross chain token swapping engine.

Safle SmartPay – Payment rails for on chain customers to do merchant payments.

read more about the partnership at the Safle blog.

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