Meet the Team Behind bitsCrunch

The Team at bitsCrunch has been working day in day out for the past couple months to deliver the NFT communities a top-notch AI-powered NFT analytics platform. Over the past few weeks, we have received tremendous support from the community since we announced the completion of our seed round. In case you haven’t met or interacted with our Founding Team, read up on this article to get to know them more!

The All Star Team

Vijay, Saravanan, Ashok, Ajay

Vijay: Chief Executive Officer

Vijay is an experienced Data Science professional with a passion for turning raw data into products, actionable insights, meaningful stories, developing next-generation analytical techniques. Before founding bitsCrunch, he held multiple Data Science roles at big German multinational companies (MNCs) including Siemens Mobility, Volkswagen AG and Telefónica GmbH.He’s also a regular Keynote Speaker in International Conferences and TEDx. He is in fact the first Indian to be invited for a TEDx talk below 30 in Germany. Vijay is also recognised as one of the inspiring Data Scientists to be followed on LinkedIn, where he is being followed by more than 40,000 tech people. He is a masters graduate of Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany

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Saravanan: Chief Data Scientist

Saravanan is a blockchain Analytics expert with over 6 years of proven experience in Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Science to drive process efficiency and data integrity. He specializes in data mining and various data science methodologies. He was the Lead Data Scientist at DataBucket Solutions, a fast-growing data-driven artificial intelligence product development company.

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Ashok: Chief Technology Officer

Ashok is an AI/ Big Data Scientist and a Bioinformatician with more than 10 years of experience in building products in Blockchain, Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence fields. He developed and optimized NGS pipelines and algorithms for analyzing biological data from various omics projects during his prior role at Gene Center, LMU.

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Ajay: Product – Ecosystem Growth

Ajay has over 6+ years of experience in Deployment of applications into AWS, Google Cloud and is a certified DevOps Expert with expertise in CI/CD Development and has worked across domains & organizations like Spendgo , American Express, Byjus. He holds a degree in Computer Engineering and focuses on research, design, implementation and management of software programs.

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Meet Our Advisors:

Ganesh, Erik, Joel

Ganesh: CEO, Covalent

Ganesh is the CEO of Covalent, a leading blockchain data analytics startup. Covalent is a technology company that is solving the huge infrastructure problems inhibiting blockchain adoption. He is a serial entrepreneur and has been in data space for over a decade.

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Erik: Head of Ecosystem Growth, Covalent

Erik is the Head of Ecosystem Growth at Covalent. He is passionate about helping early stage companies with great ideas succeed. A strong entrepreneurship professional with a Entertainment Business Management designation Vancouver Film School.

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Joel: Principal, LedgerPrime

Joel is the Principal at LedgerPrime. LedgerPrime is one of the world’s largest quant funds specialising in digital assets. He handles the firm’s DeFi and special situations strategies alongside managing their portfolio of 25+ companies in the space.

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About bitsCrunch

bitsCrunch is the Guardian of the NFT ecosystem. We are one of the top 4 AI companies in Munich, Germany that excels in Blockchain technology. We believe that blending a proven technology like Artificial Intelligence with Blockchain technology can do wonders and make the ecosystem much more safer and reliable ! Our mission is to create impactful insights from intricate data sources, by harnessing predictive analytical systems which are empowering organizations with actionable intelligence.

Wherever you are in the NFT ecosystem, you're just a click away from securing and valuing your assets, and getting smart data insights.
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