Announcing – “bitsCrunch Community Partner Program”

bitsCrunch Community Partner ProgrambitsCrunch is thrilled to announce our new awareness campaign which seeks to educate the wider Web3 community about various security issues in the NFT ecosystem. 

Called the ‘bitsCrunch Community Partner Program,’ the initiative will be led by our community members who will spread awareness on NFT wash trading, NFT price inflation, NFT plagiarism, and other kinds of frauds prevalent in the space. 

Under this program, bitsCrunch community members will run various reward campaigns and encourage participants to onboard partners relevant to our startup. Participants will also have multiple cross-community engagement opportunities to enhance their networking goals.

The end goal of this initiative is to create a transparent and reliable NFT ecosystem. We believe that an NFT awareness campaign will ultimately benefit NFT enthusiasts, allowing them to make better investing decisions and prevent financial loss.

🤵 Who can apply?

👉 Someone who loves NFTs in general.

👉 Someone who holds more than 5 NFTs.

👉 Someone who is working/worked with several communities.

👉 Someone who participated in a community contest and now wants to try and run their own campaign.

👉 Someone who suffered from financial loss through NFT Scams and wants to spread awareness on NFT security.

👉 Lastly, someone who never got that a chance to prove his/her abilities.

What will you do?

  • Role Name – Collab Manager

Rewards – Tier 1 = $150 per each successful collaboration

Responsibilities – Help us in reaching out to NFT marketplaces, lending protocols, exchanges, and blockchains and contact their POCs to advocate for bitsCrunch and its mission.

  • Role Name – Collab Manager

Rewards – Tier 1 = $100 per each successful collaboration

Responsibilities – Reaching out to other communities/community managers for collaboration and running community campaigns like Community Contest, Giveaways, Bounty, Airdrops, Event/Meetups, and AMA.

  • Role Name – Campaign Designer

Rewards – $75-$150 per successful campaign

Responsibilities – Help in planning, organizing, and executing cross-community campaigns with other communities, along with preparing reward/incentive structure & giveaways.

  • Role Name – Community Activist/Evangelist

Rewards – Weekly rewards up to $50-$100 based on invite metrics

Responsibilities – Drive traffic and engagement on Discord and Telegram, through content creation & sharing around NFT Security with workshops, infographics, memes, animation, newsletter, blogs & articles, and many more. 

Other benefits – 

  1. Get exclusive **bitsCrunch Merchandise**.
  2. Get NFT Airdrops with exclusive benefits.
  3. Get a chance to work with web3 global leaders.
  4. Get hand-holding support and mentorship.
  5. Earn bonus rewards for overachievement.
  6. Receive recommendations for jobs on our network.
  7. Receive NFT event ticket sponsorship.

How to apply?

  1. Fill out this form
  2. Receive an onboarding email
  3. Follow email instructions
  4. Complete KYC
  5. Join our onboarding call

About bitsCrunch- 

bitsCrunch is a leading blockchain analytics firm that aligns with building tools to ensure trust and transparency in the NFT community. Through the hard work, brainpower, and proactivity of top-notch data scientists, we blend Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology to offer consumer-friendly digital products that secure the NFT ecosystem and provide industry-relevant analytics that helps rocket launch NFT ventures with ease.

Our tools, Price Estimation, Forgery Detection, Wash trade Detection, help identify counterfeit NFTs, wash trading patterns of NFTs in marketplaces, and evaluate the price value of NFTs, respectively. Apart from strengthening the authenticity of NFTs for marketplaces, bitsCrunch also provides real-time analytics on NFT trends via our product, Unleash NFTs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

NFTs are Non-Fungible Tokens, and in layman terms, representing digital art or collection, video clips of best moments in the sports and entertainment field, gaming skins and collectibles, stored in a distributed ledger powered by blockchain technology. These are unique items and are not interchangeable with another NFT.

Generally, things are valuable when they are scarce. There is only one Mona Lisa. There are only 59 Le Bron James dunking NBA Top Shots (one of which sold for $US387,000).

The primary difference between the two is that unlike cryptocurrency and digital currency, NFTs cannot be traded for each other as they are unique. representations of real-world assets. Cryptocurrencies and digital currencies can be traded for each other as there will be no loss to their value.

An NFT is a unique digital signature that you can attach to an asset. Whether that’s a song, or an image, or a piece of footage, a unique digital signature is like a fingerprint that contains information like who created the asset, when, and any conditions on its future sale (for example, whether or not the creator gets a percentage of when it is on-sold).

BCUT is the native digital utility token, it provides access to bitsCrunch services and the bitsCrunch network.

BCUT is the native digital utility token, it provides access to bitsCrunch services and the bitsCrunch network. It is designed to play a vital role in the functioning of the bitsCrunch ecosystem and is intended to be solely used as the primary utility token on the network.

We are a Cross-functional team with more than 25+ years of experience in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. We already have all the NFT data since its inception. We blend our AI expertise with the Blockchain to bolster the NFT ecosystem.

We have built a model to identify the impersonation of artworks, thereby preventing the Provenance of the artist and the artwork. We are offering our services in a SaaS manner, wherein the customers can stake a certain amount of our native tokens to avail our services.

We haven't launched our BCUT Token yet, but we will send out a confirmation on the launch of the token on our official website and official Telegram channel.